Total return bonds

Key features

  1. A flexible management approach across a highly diversified investment universe comprising a broad range of bond segments and currencies
  2. A wide range of geographical regions - euro area/Europe, world, emergings
  3. A responsible approach incorporating non-financial criteria into our securities selection

Our strengths

  • target

    Opportunistic Management

    Our all-weather, opportunity-driven and non-benchmarked approach across a broad investment universe adapts to tackle all market conditions.

  • process

    A disciplined investment process

    We follow a stringent investment process, with a quarterly allocation committee to set out our risk-return ratio target and allocation between strategies prior to selecting the best investment ideas.

  • idea

    A team-based brainstorming approach

    We take a collegial approach to driving ideas as we rely on the diversity and full depth of resources in our bond management team, involving bond strategists, credit analysts, specialist portfolio managers and financial engineers.

Our investment team

  • Alexandre Caminade

    Alexandre Caminade

    CIO Core Fixed Income & Liquid Alternatives

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