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A trustful relation for a bespoke offer

With 289 billion euros of assets under management on behalf of insurance companies, mutual health companies and retirement & health insurance institutions, Ostrum AM is one of the European leaders in insurance management, active in equities, bonds and multi-asset management, through innovative and sustainable solutions.

Through our unique organisation within our industry, combined with our cutting-edge proprietary management tools and our expertise in strategy, solutions, management and credit & ESG analysis, we provide our clients with strong added value.

Our insurance portfolio management solutions cover free assets (without liability constraints), general assets and liability-driven assets, and also include flexible, active and fixed-maturity solutions. Our offer ranges from diagnostics, through to the origination of tailor-made investment solutions, with bespoke reporting.

As a specialist in advisory, management and tailor-made services for long-term investors, we focus our human, technological and financial resources on responding to the specific needs of each of our clients and guaranteeing our leadership in terms of managing assets for insurance companies, mutual health companies and retirement & health insurance institutions.

Our strengh lies in forming close partnerships with our client worldwide, simoultaneously offering access to a broad range of experts and financial / non financial data, along with tools providing true reactivity, wich enable clients to capture opportunities during different market phases.



billion in insurance-related assets managed

more than


insurers clients in Europe

more than


years' experience in insurance-related asset-management

Our goal is to extend clients' commitments through investments in order to help them esure the life, health and retirement plans of European citizens: an approach based on three key themes.

Comibining innovation and customisation

Our organisation, experts and tools constitute an innovative cutting-dege insurance management ecosystem enabling each of our clients to achieve their own goals.

  • people

    An organisation 100% dedicated to insurance

    A dedicated hub of 27 experts in insurance solutions, multi-asset, fixed-income and equities insurance management sharing the same tool: PASS. Source Ostrum AM, december 2023

  • process

    PASS: our cutting-edge insurance platform

    Manage, simulate, project and monitor portfolios in real time from all investment angles: financial, non-financial, regulatory, accounting, asset/liabilities allocation

  • publication

    Digital Reporting tool

    A dynamic, fully customisable dashboard providing a consolidated, multi-approach detailed view of mandates' investments and risks

Transforming clients’ specific constraints and objectives into opportunities.

Our resourcefulness and the strengh of our convictions are expressed fully under this approach, through our ecosystem offering precision and reactivity, serving our insurance experts' close proximity with our clients.

  • podium

    Multi objective and multi alpha management

    A multidimensional framework integrating regulatory, accounting, financial and non-financial objectives, aiming to deliver multi-alpha performance

  • target

    Fundamental conviction-based management

    Proprietary research used to clearly identify financial and non-financial opportunities and risks

  • life-cycle

    Dynamic multi-temporal management

    Constantly seeking opportunities to optimise actuarial wealth - current and future - and the market value of assets, while minimising risks

Relaying clients' responsible engagements 

by supporting them in defining and implementing their ESG goals and policies.

  • strategy

    non-financial objectives

    Carbon indicators, non-financial rating, target exposure to sustainable bonds, portfolio climate alignment, sector policies, etc.

  • responsible

    Impact investing

    Sustainable bond investments: green bonds, social bonds, sustainability bonds, sustainability-linked bonds, transition bonds. Ostrum AM, €35 bn invested in sustainable bonds, source Ostrum AM, 31/03/2024

  • idea

    ESG integration

    Fundamental Research integrating issuer and company quality factors

  • Gaëlle Malléjac

    Gaëlle Malléjac

    CIO Insurance and ALM solutions

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Each month we share the conclusions from the monthly strategy investment committee which provides a summary of Ostrum’s views on the economy, strategy and markets.
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While 2023 arguably marked the comeback of bonds, there’s no guarantee this trend will continue in 2024. And as the latest Natixis research points out, uncertainties over growth prospects and inflation levels, and hence over the timing and scale of central bank rate cuts in 2024, are prompting bond investors to exercise caution.
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The high level of rate volatility raises two key questions. Firstly, volatility normalised gradually as rate policy took over from quantitative easing. Over a long period, the central banks’ grip on bond markets through asset purchase programmes suspended the usual market mechanism determining asset prices.
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