Fixed Income

Managing debt securities is part of our core DNA at Ostrum AM. On average, our management teams have over 20 years’ experience in this asset class, which constitutes over 80% of our assets under management.1

In a climate of low interest rates, fixed income management demands rigour and know-how to yield the best investment results for clients. We are fully equipped to tackle the challenge, with well-recognised expertise across the entire debt securities spectrum, top-flight in-house research, and rigorous risk analysis at every stage of the investment process.

  • In-house research covering a global spectrum

    Our credit research team has over 25 analysts based in Europe, North America and Asia. Between them, they cover more than 1,000 bond issuers, of which 40% outside Europe.
  • Active fundamental management

    Our asset managers develop their convictions thanks to top-flight in-house research that is both top-down and bottom-up, allowing them to identify the best possible issuers at all times.

  • A collaborative approach

    Our management decisions are undertaken collegially within specialist investment committees.
  • Disciplined portfolio construction

    Our asset managers rely on proprietary tools for everything from portfolio weighting to actively balancing the risk envelope.

  • ESG integration

    Our securities selection integrates Environmental, Social and Governance criteria at each stage of the investment process.


1. Source: Ostrum Asset Management 06/30/2020



€ Billion in Fixed Income



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