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Fixed-income investment management sits at the core of Ostrum AM's identity, as we draw on our teams' expertise and their average 20 years' experience in interest rate and credit investment across all geographical areas and management styles, including sustainable bonds.
Ostrum AM offers a range of varied strategies across all fixed-income asset classes as we seek to address institutional investors' regulatory, social and environmental requirements with a single overarching goal - offer an innovative and personalized service to pursue yield while adapting to each individual risk profile.

  • International in-house research

    Our credit research teams boast 23 analysts covering more than 1,200 bond issuers, 40% of which are outside Europe, while also screening for ESG criteria. 


  • Active fundamental management approach

    Our portfolio managers take an in-depth top-down and bottom-up approach to develop their convictions and pick out the best potential issues at any given time.


  • Team-based approach

    We take a collegial approach, as portfolio managers, credit and ESG analysts, strategists, economists and quantitative analysts work together in a multi-expert strategy to form investment decisions on a daily basis.


  • Highly-organized portfolio construction

    Our portfolio managers draw on proprietary tools across the entire process from portfolio weighting to actively managing the risk budget.


  • ESG integration

    Our selection process is built on analysis of ESG materiality - the impact of Environmental, Social and Governance criteria on issuers' credit quality.


Source: Ostrum AM as at 31/03/2024


€ Billion in bond assets managed


€ Billion in green bonds


fixed income strategies

  • Alexandre Caminade

    Alexandre Caminade

    CIO Core Fixed Income & Liquid Alternatives

  • Philippe Berthelot

    Philippe Berthelot

    CIO Credit & Money Market

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