Just Transition

A bond strategy that seeks to contribute to a Just Transition, combining climate and social impact - SFDR article 9

The Paris Agreement acknowledges the crucial need for a swift and fair energy transition. We have embedded this global engagement into our investment proposal that seeks to deliver on all dimensions of a responsible investment - Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) attributes.
The Just Transition is a transition to a low carbon world that wants to be respectful of the environment and biodiversity, while being inclusive from a social and territories' point of view. To contribute to a Just Transition, Ostrum AM has designed a 3-dimensional impact strategy.

  • target

    Reduce carbon footprint

    Renewable energies, environmental solutions & services, green building, clean mobility, circular economy

  • people

    Promote positive social impact

    Health & well-being (infrastructures, food security), inclusive development

  • responsible

    Preserve ecosystems and local economies

    Financing the real economy, sustainable agriculture & food, biodiversity

Proprietary methodologies

Ostrum AM has developed a proprietary methodology to analyse sustainable bonds and identify the instruments with the highest quality and value add both at issuer and project level, developed and deployed by our sustainable bond analysts who have been researching this market since its creation. This is the Sustainable Bond Rating.
And to assess issuers' environmental and social practices in the contexte of the transition, we calculate a Just Transition Indicator, tailored for each asset class..

The Ostrum Climate and Social Impact Bond

Impact bond thematic investment
Art.9 SFDR strategy which considers social impact in the environmental transition

Greenfin Label

100% of sustainable bonds which finance environmental and social projects
Green bonds, social bonds, sustainability bonds, sustainability-linked bonds

High selectivity
Proprietary methodologies to construct the Just Transition compliant portfolio

Active aggregate strategy
Global universe, mainly Investment Grade, with large diversification

Supporting a Just Transition


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  • Nathalie Beauvir Rodes

    Nathalie Beauvir Rodes

    Senior Impact Bonds Analyst

  • Timothée Pubellier

    Timothée Pubellier

    Portfolio Manager Core rates & liquid alternatives

Ostrum Climate And Social Impact Bond Allocation and Impact report

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Investors, whether institutional, banks or retail, are all looking for investments in line with their convictions, especially in terms of environment. Beyond the climate concern, they seek to participate in changes according to a Just Transition, which is socially responsible. These ambitions support the sustainable bond market, with the search for impact solutions, both from issuers – including governments – and from investors.
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Nathalie Beauvir-Rodes, senior impact bonds analyst, and Olivier Vietti, senior fixed-income fund manager at Ostrum Asset Management, tell us about the just transition and how it translates into responsible investment.
Reading time : 15 min.
Given the diversification of the market in terms of issuers and securities, a rigorous analysis is imperative. Because greenwashing is an ambush.