Sovereign bonds

An active approach to euro area sovereign bonds


Key features


  1. Active, opportunity-driven management of euro area sovereign debt, incorporating non-financial criteria
  2. Established expertise and a tried-and-tested investment process going back over 25 years1
  3. Our approach is based on multiple sources of value-added, including duration management and opportunity-driven country allocation

1. 'Euro Sovereigns' strategy first launched in January, 1994.


Our strengths

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    Active fundamental management

    Our conviction-driven approach draws on a top-down strategy to determine yield curve and duration positioning, while taking a bottom-up approach to build country allocation.

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    Team-based approach

    We take a collegial approach, as portfolio managers, strategists and quantitative analysts seek out opportunities and build robust portfolios.

  • efficiency

    Stringent risk management

    We make risk management a priority, both in selecting countries and securities and in our portfolio construction.

Our investment team

  • Isabelle Sanson

    Isabelle Sanson

    Head of Sovereign Debt & Inflation

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