Emerging bonds


  1. Capitalizing on the broad emerging market sovereign debt investment universe, alongside potential diversification from these countries’ private issuers and currencies.
  2. Access to regions enjoying dynamic growth, with low correlation to traditional bond strategies.
  3. An active fundamental approach, incorporating non-financial criteria into the security selection process.



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    Active fundamental management

    We determine country allocation using our proprietary country analysis model, built on macroeconomic, political and ESG aspects.

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    Broad Diversification

    We ensure optimally diversified sources of yield by singling out issuers across multiple segments and taking positions on these issuers' currencies.

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    Team-Based Approach

    Our portfolio managers, strategists and quantitative engineers take a collegial approach to single out the best investment opportunities.

Investment team

  • Brigitte Le Bris

    Brigitte Le Bris

    Head of Emerging Debt

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