Our Vision

Extend our clients’ commitments through investment in order to help ensure the life, health and retirement plans of European citizens.

  • Olivier Houix

    Olivier Houix

    Chief Executive Officer

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At every step, you accompany your clients and shield them from the uncertainties of life. You have great responsibility and so do we. For Ostrum Asset Management, investing is everyone's business.

Each and every one of us echo what is important to you: at every level of the business, we are your voice.

Because it is by working together that we’ll go further; it is by listening to you and speaking your language that we can unleash our collective innovation; and it’s as your interpreter that we work to extend your commitments.

We transform your constraints into opportunities, we interpret data into relevant information and tailor-made advice, and we decipher the risks to convert them into long-term value.

This is how, every day, we translate your commitments, whether regulatory, financial or societal, into informed investment decisions. As a responsible company, we make sure we have a positive impact on the world, so that we can help build a better future together. Because our ultimate goal is to ensure that the passion and energy that drive us can support the life, health and retirement plans of European citizens.


Ostrum Asset Management, Enhancing your power to act



We respect our clients' constraints and it is within this framework that we express our ingenuity and the strength of our convictions. In this way, we inform the investment decisions of our clients and increase the scope of their commitments.


Thanks to our know-how and proprietary tools, we offer our clients a proven and flexible investment experience.


We believe that innovation is at its most effective when it works for our clients and integrates all our stakeholders, thus becoming the result of collective intelligence.


We are committed to being the voice of our clients and to make their commitments resonate as much as our own.


OUR NAME: Our name ‘Ostrum Asset Management’ has solid brand equity on the market. We will continue to capitalise on its strength and awareness, to support our new ambitions.

THE DOT: It is the origin and the first vector of our vision: Enhancing your power to act. It places our clients, our clients’ clients and our talents at the heart of our strategy to make sure we have a positive impact on the world around us and build a better future together.

OUR SIGNATURE: Enhancing your power to act
This signature reaffirms the very essence of our asset management business. Extending our clients’ commitments towards their own clients through investment.


Soft Beige

Expresses the proximity link and social utility that we wish to communicate towards our clients by offering them a tailor-made investment experience.

Technical Green

Because asset management and financial services imply high precision and technicality, this color is used to put the cursor back on our industry codes: solid, anchored and striving for excellence.

Living red

Truly ‘out of the box’ in the asset management industry, this colour illustrates our collective and innovative mindset 

  • People

    It was essential to represent our clients and the clients of our clients in our iconography. Because serving them is the purpose of our daily work, decisions and actions.

  • The circle

    These circles are one of the fundamentals of our iconographic style. They represent the positive impact we wish to have with our clients on the world around us.

  • The waves

    We are our clients’ voices. Theses waves embody all our actions as a group towards our clients’ commitments.

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