Insurance solutions

The expertise of our team of insurance solutions engineers includes producing tailor-made analyses and solutions, in the context of a fully customised approach, in response to the needs of insurance companies, including asset / liability management (ALM), hedging, regulatory constraints and capital use and optimisation.

  • Assess the optimal fixed-income and equity investment universe to achieve defined objectives
  • Examine the potential added value of alternative investments
  • Plan  a potential allocation trajectory towards reaching objectives
  • Analyse potential flows and how they will be impacted by different market scenarios
  • Anticipate, from an opprtunities vs risks perspective, the impact of regulatory changes, or modifications to the insurer's own objectives (non-financial / ALM / SCR budget/ IFRS9...).

The desired result can be assessed in several ways, including accounting yield, solvency and other ratios, capital gains or losses and cashflows.
Within the insurance department, the insurance solutions team works in close collaboration with all of the portfolio managers to find the best response to investors' preoccupations.

Financial engineering, ALM & portfolio acquisition

  • Portfolio acquisition or restructuring analysis
  • Strategic long-term allocation under liabilities constraints
  • Bond investment universe screening analysis

Investment and capital deployment framework optimisation

  • Investment framework optimisation and defining limits or leeway by asset class

  • Regular review of investment framework following innovation and structural market changes

  • Portfolio review in the context of capital optimisation / modification

Seeking yield, hedging/overlay

  • Multi-criteria analysis covering the seacrh for yield, based on our 5-year outlook
  • Review of market innovations and structured solutions
  • Analysis and implementation of tactical or strategic hedging

Regulatory, accounting & market screening

  • Regulatory changes screening: Solvency 2, IFRS 9 & 17, local GAAP accounting standards, European taxonomy, etc.
  • Analysis of structural impacts and their effect on solutions offered in the market


Our insurance solutions team

  • Pierre Puymèges

    Pierre Puymèges

    Insurance solutions

  • Rémi Lamaud

    Rémi Lamaud

    Insurance solutions

Reading time : 15 min.
The insurance industry is highly affected by climate change. ESG has become a more global challenge for shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and communities. Consequently, insurers must consider environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities within their strategies, as insurers and investors. Although they are primarily affected by environmental issues – physical and transition risks – they are also impacted by societal transformation and governance issues. Insurers need to adapt and innovate to remain competitive. This is a key concern, currently and for coming years.
Gaëlle Malléjac, Head of Portfolio Management for Insurance and ALM Solutions and Joséphine Chevallier, ESG Integration Responsible, ESG Strategy discuss the issue and offer us their insight.
Reading time : 15 min.
How insurers can gain an edge by combining tailored servicing and active investment.

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