Investment Grade Credit


  1. Exposure to investment-grade corporate bonds with short maturities with lower sensitivity to interest rate fluctuations
  2. Diversification from other fixed-income asset classes, such as high-yield bonds and asset-backed securities (ABS), to enhance sources of performance
  3. An active and responsible approach incorporating non-financial criteria into our securities selection



  • planet

    In-House Credit Research

    Our in-house credit research team covers the full range of corporate bond ratings systems and operates across the various geographical regions.

  • target

    Conviction-based Management

    Our conviction-led approach draws on three crucial performance drivers: directional exposure to the credit market, securities selection and diversification assets.

  • people

    Experienced Team

    Our management team has recognized expertise on the credit market, with over 20 years’ average experience in this area.

Our investment team

  • Arnaud Colombel

    Arnaud Colombel

    Head of Investment Grade Credit

  • Emmanuel Schatz

    Emmanuel Schatz

    Leader expert Credit & ABS

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