Crossover credit

Key features

  1. Credit investment on the most attractive risk/return profiles between lowest investment grade ratings (BBB+ to BBB-) and highest high yield ratings (BB+ to BB-).*

  2. Targeting stronger yield than investment grade bonds, while keeping volatility much lower than high yield, as well as lower interest rate exposure.

  3. SRI-accredited strategy built on integrated financial and non-financial research. **

*The following definitions apply for all references to investment grade and high yield ratings; Investment grade: rating equal to or above BBB- at Standard & Poor’s or equivalent rating; High yield: rating below BBB- at Standard & Poor’s or equivalent rating.

**Any reference to a ranking, award and/or rating provides no guarantee for future performance for the fund or fund manager. For more details on the SRI accreditation, visit SRI accreditation achieved on May 25, 2020.


Our strengths

  • podium

    Attractive positioning

    Our crossover investment strategies offer an attractive risk/return profile, with enhanced carry vs. investment grade while keeping volatility under control on the back of shorter duration.

  • specialized-experts

    Expert credit research team

    Our credit team is one of the most extensive in Europe, with fundamental analysis incorporating ESG materiality i.e. the real impact of environment, social and governance criteria on issuers' risk.

  • process

    Quality and risk management

    Our expert portfolio managers select securities from a range of the highest quality investments across all credit segments, and apply stringent risk management at every stage in our portfolio construction process.

Our investment team

  • Erwan Guilloux

    Erwan Guilloux

    Leader expert Credit

  • Julien Petit

    Julien Petit

    Credit portfolio Manager

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