Hold to maturity (HTM)

Key features

  1. Holding bonds to maturity with a focus on securities with the strongest yield, while complying with a specific risk target
  2. Broad issuer and sector diversification in our portfolios aim to reduce default risk
  3. Low portfolio rotation keeps transactions costs to a minimum


Our strengths

  • process

    Conviction-Based Selection

    Our conviction-led selection draws on fundamental debt analysis and relative value analysis for issuers in any given country or sector.

  • asc-arrow

    Continuous Monitoring

    Our portfolio managers and credit analysts constantly monitor holdings in our portfolio in terms of both credit and market fundamentals.

  • efficiency

    Bespoke Portfolios

    We design customized portfolios to address each client's investment constraints in terms of asset class, ESG approach, currencies, maturities, SCR and accounting requirements.

  • Alexandre Caminade

    Alexandre Caminade

    CIO Core Fixed Income & Liquid Alternatives

  • Philippe Berthelot

    Philippe Berthelot

    CIO Credit & Money Markets

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