Hold to maturity (HTM)

Attractive yield potential in the bond market, with a predefined maturity

Key features

  1. Focus on bonds offering the highest yield within the boundaries of a given risk envelope
  2. Reduce the default risk of securities held by diversifying issuers and sectors held in the portfolio
  3. Lessen sensitivity to interest rates, which decreases with approaching maturity  
  4. Limit transaction costs thanks to lower portfolio turnover


  • process

    Conviction-Based Selection

    Our managers rely on comprehensive fundamental analysis of debt and comparative value analysis by country and sector.

  • asc-arrow

    Continuous Monitoring

    Our asset managers and credit analysts continuously monitor issuers in the portfolio in terms of both credit fundamentals and markets.

  • efficiency

    Bespoke Portfolios

    Our experts design portfolios to comply with the specific investment constraints of each client as regards asset classes, SRI approach, currencies, maturity horizon, SCR or accounting constraints.

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