Inflation-Linked bonds

Key features

  1. A strategy designed to safeguard against inflation and draw on inflation projection volatility
  2. A broad range of investment grade developed markets' sovereign debt from across the euro area and worldwide
  3. An active approach designed to draw on all inflation strategies' sources of value-added, while taking on board non-financial criteria


Our strengths

  • handshake

    Team-based Approach

    Our team of experts work hand-in-hand to build the macroeconomic scenario, develop projections for the fixed-income market and set out inflation forecasts.

  • target

    Conviction-driven investment

    Our expert in-house research identifies the best investment opportunities and sets out the risk budget for each strategy.

  • people

    A highly-experienced team

    Our team of bond investment specialists has more than 20 years' experience on this asset class.

Our investment team

  • Isabelle Sanson

    Isabelle Sanson

    Head of Sovereign Debt & Inflation

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