Multi Assets – Global Macro


Multi-asset investment solutions are common, yet very diverse: traditional “static” asset allocation, « risk parity » strategies, strategic allocation to market benchmarks, flexible allocation between equity and risk-off instruments, etc. These asset allocations come with constraints that may imply structural exposures, which in turn reduce the portfolio manager’s ability to adjust exposure and manage short-term risks.

We believe that robust long-term performance is best achieved with a variety of decision-making tools, permanent adaptation to the market environment, and disciplined risk analysis.
Based on this philosophy, we propose a strategy, that:

  • Invests in all major asset classes globally;
  • Uses the full exposure leeway to meet the required risk/return profile;
  • Benefits from a rigorous decision-making process combining discretionary analysis with our proprietary analytical framework.

The strategy targets a robust long-term return objective that manages short-term opportunities and risks but aims to take advantage of long-term market trends.

Key Features

  • people

    Dynamic management

    We review and test our convictions on a regular basis to account for the unstable economic and financial environment.

  • life-cycle

    Truly flexible management

    Access to traditional asset classes while avoiding exposure constrained by a benchmarked allocation

  • quantamental

    Synthesis between rigour and expertise

    The objectivity of quantitative tools combined with the adaptability of discretionary analysis

Investment Strategy

The Multi-Asset Global Macro strategy aims to build a robust and flexible portfolio with exposure to equities, sovereign bonds, and international currencies, within a disciplined risk management framework. The portfolio stems from in-depth analysis of global macro and corporate fundamentals, risk environment and market trends—all through a quantitative and discretionary lens.


To generate a robust return over the long term within a predefined risk budget over the recommended minimum investment period. Exposures by asset class are adjusted according to the risk/return objective.

Investment Universe

The investment universe includes:

  • Developed and emerging equities;
  • Sovereign bonds;
  • Currencies;
  • Diversification through listed and liquid ETFs (maximum 10%).

Our Experts

  • Frank Trividic

    Frank Trividic

    Deputy Chief Investment Officer

  • Stéphanie Bigou

    Stéphanie Bigou

    Portfolio Manager

  • Marin BLOT

    Marin BLOT

    Portfolio Manager



    Portfolio Manager



    Portfolio Manager