Asset Backed Securities (ABS)

Key features

  1. Investing in investment-grade quality securitization tranches backed by portfolios of loans
  2. An active investment approach with low exposure to interest rate risk as a result of predominantly floating-rate short-term bond investments
  3. An attractive regulatory framework to help finance the real economy


Our strengths

  • process

    Optimal Diversification

    Capitalize on strong geographical and loan type diversification.

  • search

    Conviction-Based Management

    Our active, conviction-led approach seeks to single out securities with the best ratings in a detailed process to minimize volatility and ensure high liquidity.

  • people

    Team-Based Approach

    Our portfolio managers, economists, strategists and credit analysts take a team-based approach to single out the best investment opportunities.

Our investment team

  • Sébastien André

    Sébastien André

    Portfolio Manager

  • Alexandre Boulinguez

    Alexandre Boulinguez

    Portfolio Manager

Related Strategies

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Each month we share the conclusions from the monthly strategy investment committee which provides a summary of Ostrum’s views on the economy, strategy and markets.
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The ECB has started its rate cut cycle, but we do not expect rapid adjustments in the coming months. Yields should therefore remain attractive in the money market, which also offers low volatility and interest rate risk. Money market assets should therefore remain an important component of investors' asset allocation.To find out more about this interesting context, Fairouz Yahiaoui, Money market Portfolio Manager and Sanda Molotcov, Head of Credit Research at Ostrum AM share their views in this video.
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The Ultra Short Plus Credit strategy, an SRI investment opportunity in the very short maturity corporate bond market.‘For investors looking for regular and attractive yields, very short-term credit can offer the right solution: Short-term euro rates are at their highest in 15 years.’Emmanuel Schatz, Portfolio Manager for the SRI Credit Ultra Short Plus strategy
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