Asset Backed Securities (ABS)

Key features

  1. Investing in investment-grade quality securitization tranches backed by portfolios of loans
  2. An active investment approach with low exposure to interest rate risk as a result of predominantly floating-rate short-term bond investments
  3. An attractive regulatory framework to help finance the real economy


Our strengths

  • process

    Optimal Diversification

    Capitalize on strong geographical and loan type diversification.

  • search

    Conviction-Based Management

    Our active, conviction-led approach seeks to single out securities with the best ratings in a detailed process to minimize volatility and ensure high liquidity.

  • people

    Team-Based Approach

    Our portfolio managers, economists, strategists and credit analysts take a team-based approach to single out the best investment opportunities.

Our investment team

  • Sébastien André

    Sébastien André

    Portfolio Manager

  • Alexandre Boulinguez

    Alexandre Boulinguez

    Portfolio Manager

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