Multi Asset Fixed Income

Flexible all-weather bond management for various market conditions

Key features

  1. Offers real diversification across the various bond segments
  2. Combines strategies that aim to provide long-term returns while protecting against market risks
  3. Enjoys a flexible exposure to FX and interest rates for adaptive responses to market conditions

Our strengths

  • target

    Opportunistic Management

    Our investment team takes a flexible, opportunistic and non-benchmarked approach to allocation within a broad investment universe suited to all market conditions.

  • process

    A disciplined investment process

    Our quarterly allocation committee sets the target risk/return profile and allocation distribution among strategies prior to selection of the best investment ideas.

  • idea

    A team-based brainstorming approach

    For investment decisions, we rely on the full diversity and depth of resources within the fixed income team: bond strategists, credit analysts, specialist managers and specialised financial engineers.

Our investment team

  • Michaël 


    Head of Aggregate Management

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