Inflation linked Fixed Income

A wide range of international and eurozone bonds indexed to inflation

Key features

  1. Benefits from coverage in the event of rising inflation
  2. Provides structural diversification within bond allocation
  3. Offers investors access to a wide selection of investment-grade government debt in developed countries, both within the eurozone and beyond


Our strengths


  • people

    Team-based Approach

    The management team relies on in-house macroeconomic scenarios to formulate their views on the fixed-income market and inflation forecast.

  • target

    Conviction management

    Through in-depth internal research, our managers identify the best investment opportunities. Within a model portfolio, they allocate a risk budget defined by strategy.

  • strategy

    Conviction-based Management

    Thanks to high-quality in-house research, our managers are able to identify the best investment opportunities. They design a model portfolio within which they allocate the risk budget on a per-strategy basis.

Our investment team

  • Brigitte 
Le Bris

    Le Bris

    Head of Global Fixed Income and Currency

  • Abdel-Rani 


    Portfolio Manager

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