Small & Midcap Euro

Unlocking the growth potential of listed small/mid-cap eurozone companies

Key features

  • Access a broad and varied investment universe of more than 1,000 publicly listed small and mid-sized companies, crucial drivers of the eurozone economy
  • Benefit from a selection of fast-growing, flexible companies that turn in stronger performance that large corporations over the long term
  • Capitalise on the broad sectoral diversity and momentum of eurozone SMEs, many of which are leaders on their market segments


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    Selection of Promising Trends

    Our convictions are clustered on recognised growth trends such as population ageing, technological innovation and the digital economy.

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    In-Depth Knowledge of Companies

    Specialising in the stocks of small and mid-cap European companies, our management team conducts in-depth research research and analysis to select securities at advantageous prices.

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    Disciplined Management

    Our managers respect stringent investment criteria in terms of the number of issuers selected and the maximum amount to be invested in each company, as well as sectoral and geographic diversification.


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