Natixis Asset Management renamed Ostrum Asset Management

Natixis Asset Management, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, will be renamed Ostrum Asset Management from April 3, 20181. Ostrum Asset Management will focus on its core investment capabilities, fixed income, equity and insurance.

A new name for a more defined brand architecture

As part of Natixis’ strategic plan ‘New Dimension’, Natixis Investment Managers, one of the world’s premier asset managers2, has begun a process of aligning its brands. Within this new initiative, Natixis Asset Management, will become Ostrum Asset Management from April 3, 20181.

Jean Raby, Chief Executive Officer of Natixis Investment Managers, commented: “Ostrum Asset Management is our largest affiliate, and its distinct brand name re-affirms its key role in Natixis Investment Managers’ multi-affiliate structure. Ostrum Asset Management’s leading active investment solutions are an integral part of our Active Thinking? approach, helping clients to build portfolios to meet their long-term goals.”


New identity, symbol of change

“Ostrum”’s Latin roots pay tribute to the company’s European origins, while its meaning “purple colored” connects firmly to its parent companies Natixis and Groupe BPCE. The logo’s exponential symbol embodies Ostrum’s ambition to expand in partnership with its clients and staff, creating new opportunities in the fast changing asset management industry.

Our new brandname Ostrum Asset Management highlights our experience in the financial markets over more than 30 years4, our strong performance track record5 and our investment teams dedication to our clients.

Chief Executive Officer of Ostrum Asset Management3


Refocused range to serve fresh ambitions

A leading fund manager6 in Europe with assets under management of 324.5 billion euros4 on behalf of institutional, individual and distributor clients, Ostrum Asset Management is renewing its focus on its long-standing fixed-income experience, its focused equity capabilities and its renowned insurance expertise.
The company will thereby draw on its extensive global investment range of bond funds, with 90% of funds ranked 1st or 2nd quartile by Morningstar7. It will also continue to roll out alternative solutions, such as CLOs8 and private debt on real assets, while bolstering its equity investment expertise, including thematic, small & mid cap and emerging funds.

Lastly, Ostrum Asset Management will use its unique insurance investment management expertise to continue supporting insurer clients via its tailored multi-asset solutions range.

Ostrum Asset Management will rely on Natixis Investment Managers global distribution platform, as well as the Groupe BPCE retail banking networks, to drive its growth.


1. Natixis Asset Management U.S., LLC and Natixis Asset Management Asia Limited legal entities will be renamed Ostrum Asset Management U.S., LLC and Ostrum Asset Management Asia Limited by June 2018. All funds will be renamed by the end of 2018.
2. Cerulli Quantitative Update: Global Markets 2017 ranked Natixis Investment Managers (previously Natixis Global Asset Management) as the 15th largest asset manager in the world based on assets under management as at December 31, 2016.
3. Matthieu Duncan will become Chief Executive Officer of Ostrum Asset Management from April 3, 2018.
4. Source Natixis Asset Management at 12/31/2017.
5. Source Natixis Asset Management – open-end funds managed by Natixis Asset Management with more than 15 years’ performance track record –12/31/2017. 6. IPE Top 400 Asset Managers 2017 ranked Natixis Asset Management as the 51st largest asset manager, as at 12/31/2016.
7. Morningstar at 12/31/2017 – based on Natixis Asset Management’s range of open-end funds.
8. Collateralized Loan Obligation


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