Inflation/growth: the big gap on the markets?

With inflation rising at the beginning of the year at a level not seen for more than a quarter of a century, central banks are facing a dilemma and are being forced to raise rates faster than expected. Uncertainty about the impact of rate hikes, compounded by the current geopolitical situation with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, is causing investors to fear a possible recession. Asset managers are now obliged to adapt their investment strategies in order to be able to offer advantageous solutions that allow investors to protect themselves from inflation or to take advantage of the current environment. 

By Stéphane Déo, Head of Market Strategy, Alexandre Caminade, CIO, Core Fixed Income and Liquid Alternatives, Abdel-Rani Guermat, Portfolio manager, Inflation and Rémi Lamaud, Solutions Expert at Ostrum AM.


1.65 Mo

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