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Topic of the month

  • The European Union sets standards to avoid greenwashing: provisional agreement for the creation of a EU Green Bond Standard
  • The AMF proposes to introduce into European law minimum environmental requirements that financial products should meet in order to be categorized as Article 8 or Article 9 that would usefully complement the current regulatory structure.
  • The European Commission presented its Industrial Green Deal to improve the competitiveness of European industry in order to achieve its carbon neutrality goal. 
  • Public consultation on first land science-based targets: the Science Based Target Network has opened a public consultation on its draft technical guidelines to equip companies to set the first targets based on earth sciences, focusing on the protection and restoration of ecosystems
  • The ban on the sale of thermal cars by 2035 has been approved by the European Parliament

Figure of the month

The amount of the first green emission from a car  rental company. The issuer Hertz has completed a $800 million transaction through a green asset backed security (ABS) to increase the share of electric vehicles of its fleet to 25% within two years.


Market returns (%)


Data as of January 02/28/2023 - Sources : Bloomberg MSCI Euro Green Bond Index et Bloomberg MSCI Global Green Bond Index

Sustainable issuances evolution ($ Bn)


Sources : Bloomberg / Ostrum AM  - Data as of 02/28/2023 

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