The goal of Ostrum AM’s analyst-managers is to invest in companies generating predictable and sustainable growth. To do so, we rely on high-quality in-house research and engage in continuous dialogue with companies’ top management.

Confident that an approach based on Growth at Reasonable Price (Quality GARP) is fully compatible with our ESG requirements, we build concentrated portfolios of companies meeting four main selection criteria: growth, quality, valuation upside potential and ESG engagement.


  • In-depth knowledge of companies

    From micro-caps to index-dominating behemoths, our analyst-managers establish their convictions through over 2,500 exchanges with companies each year.  
  • Proprietary research

    Our analyst-managers combine quantitative and qualitative approaches using a proprietary framework that enables comparisons among companies independent of sector and geographic region.
  • An investment process taking into account ESG at every step

    Our analyst-managers exclude controversial issuers, value ESG performance in eligible companies and optimise the selection retained in designing SRI portfolios.
  • A collaborative  approach:

    Our fundamentals-driven analyst-managers and quant analysts work together closely to identify the best opportunities.


More than


years of experience in French, European, emerging market and global equities

More than


€ BN

 in equities under management

More than


senior analyst-managers

based in Paris and Singapore