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Climate change, now at the heart of America

Joe Biden's arrival at the White House puts the issue of climate change at the heart of American politics. He has already adopted a number of strong gestures: a return to the Paris Climate Accord and then strong measures on oil extraction, coal mining which will be banned on federal territory, the suspension of the Keystone pipeline... All these elements will force Americans, American companies, but also companies from all over the world to rethink their investments in the United States, which will now be more constrained to take into account the climate issue. As you can see, the entire American economic policy is going to be centered on the climate issue. Joe Biden wants to set up a new economy that takes climate change into account. 

The other point, which has yet to be defined, will be the American ambitions on this point. The Europeans, the Chinese, have very ambitious objectives in terms of carbon neutrality. Joe Biden said it will probably be in 2050 or less. This is a very strong signal that America, Europe, China, but also all the other countries will adopt this strategy of limiting greenhouse gas emissions to limit climate change.



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