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Ostrum AM has long been committed to the development of responsible investment, and is committed to co-constructing a long-term relationship with its clients, based on responsibility and transparency, but also to being an exemplary employer and company as a whole, with a positive impact on society.
These convictions are supported by all our staff on a daily basis and exemplified in the four pillars of our 2019 CSR strategy.

Acting as a responsible investor

We incorporate ESG criteria in nearly all our asset management activities and offer our clients responsible investment solutions that respond to their various expectations. With 93% of assets under management integrating ESG analysis in 2019, Ostrum Asset Management is a leader in responsible investment.


Building a long-term relationship with our clients

Building a lasting, responsible and transparent relationship with our clients is a priority deeply rooted in our corporate culture and shared by all our teams. It is Ostrum AM’s primary concern in its CSR policy, and is reflected on a daily basis in our desire to continuously improve our clients’ experience and satisfaction. It is also embodied in our transparency requirements regarding our management activities, as well as in our ethics policy, which meets the highest standards defined in the profession.

Placing our employees at the heart of our success

In a context of profound transformation of our businesses, Ostrum AM has decided to place its talents at the heart of its development strategy. Through our human resources policy, we are committed to acting as a responsible employer, promoting diversity within our teams and the quality of life at work, valuing the skills of each individual and fostering our employees’ engagement to support our current and future transformations.

Increasing our positive impact on society

Ostrum AM is actively committed to developing its positive impact on society and to being exemplary in its internal operations. This commitment involves reducing our carbon footprint, adopting responsible purchasing and resource management policies, as well as leading corporate philanthropy actions that highlight our employees’ commitment. Ostrum AM also actively participates in market and collaborative initiatives to improve investment practices across the industry, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Last but not least, 2019 marks a major milestone, as Ostrum AM applied SRI management processes across 23% of our assets under management.

In 2019, we rolled out numerous initiatives and made progress we can all be proud of: 13 of our open-ended funds were labelled SRI, our coal exit policy was strengthened, and the expertise of our teams in ESG fields further increased

concludes Philippe Setbon, Chief Executive Officer at Ostrum AM.


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