Corporate Private Debt

Diversification strategies to capture bespoke yields

Key Features


  1. Enable investors to take advantage of a decorrelation from sovereign bonds
  2. Capitalise on a diversifying asset class: Collateralised Loan Obligations (CLO) are securitisations backed by  corporate loans asset that finance acquisitions and leveraged buyouts (LBOs).
  3. Choice of risk/return profile by buying exclusively the CLO tranche rated AAA/AA, BBB or ‘equity’ based on appetite for risk.


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    Quest for Optimal risk/return profile

    Our managers rigorously select loans to optimise the risk/return profile on all tranches of the CLO

  • efficiency

    Disciplined portfolio construction

    In a sellers’ market, our fund managers remain highly selective in their acquisitions, prioritising the primary market and focusing on transactions with sufficient liquidity

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    Deep-rooted expertise in this asset class

    Our teams have over 15 years of experience in the CLO segment

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