Convertible bonds

The upside potential of equity markets combined with a bond parachute to mitigate downside risk

Key Features

  1. Capture diverse sources of value thanks to an asset class combining the advantages of bonds with those of stocks
  2. Attenuate downside risk thanks to the bond component, which lends convertibles a defensive profile relative to equities
  3. Benefit from an asymmetric exposure to equity investments (convexity) that is greater in a rising versus a falling market

Our strengths

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    Conviction-based Management

    Our investment management is grounded in a bottom-up approach that favours diversification of risk by selecting securities with the most attractive profiles.

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    Targeting the best opportunities

    We give pride of place to convertible bonds with a mixed profile that offer access to the upside momentum of stocks, while providing the cushioning effect of a bond in a falling market.

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    Experienced Specialist Team

    Our investment team has more than 20 years’ experience in the financial markets, particularly in the realm of convertible bonds. Source Ostrum AM, September 2019

Our investment team

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    Portfolio Manager

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    Portfolio Manager

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    Portfolio Manager

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