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This week :

Topic of the week: Latin America: the return of the Eldorado?

  • The war in Ukraine is an opportunity for Latin America, which should increase its exports to offset shortages ;
  • The buffer of interest rates accumulated since March 2021 helped cushion the Ukrainian shock;
  • However, the region faces several headwinds: Ukraine, the Fed and China;
  • The recently acquired credibility of LATAM’s central banks must be preserved to ensure macro-financial stability.

Market review: Hopeless markets

  • Markets torn apart by both fears of inflation and recession;
  • Powell reiterates 50 bp hikes are coming;
  • Liquidation across commodity markets;
  • Still no alternative to the dollar despite the rebound of the yen.

Chart of the week

Most comments are focused on the recent slowdown in China on the wake of aggressive lockdowns. There’s another argument, more structural: active population has been declining for almost a decade in China, reducing potential growth.
The chart shows that total population is also about to turn South. Last year’s birth rate was only fractionally above the death rate. The two curves are likely to cross this year. 
 The population will start to decline. 

Figure of the week

$7.210 trillion in Nasdaq capitalization gone up in smoke since the high of last November. This is much more than during the last corrections.

MyStratWeekly : Market views and strategy

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  • Stéphane Déo

    Stéphane Déo

    Heads of markets strategy

  • Axel Botte

    Axel Botte

    Global strategist

  • Aline Goupil-Raguénès

    Aline Goupil-Raguénès

    Developed countries strategist

  • Zouhoure Bousbih

    Zouhoure Bousbih

    Emerging countries strategist

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