Ostrum AM is a longstanding advocate of inclusion and diversity in the workplace, and with this goal in mind we decided to assess the impact of our current policy and identify areas for future improvement.

Mixity is the first start-up to develop a methodology that analyzes corporate diversity and inclusion policies with a view to constantly improving them. It performs an analysis companies’ social footprint, with the aim of drawing on this assessment to help them improve and progress each year and set out fresh, public and transparent targets.
Mixity has already performed a 360° analysis of around sixty companies, covering criteria such as work-life balance, recruitment, awareness and training, and management involvement, to offer an assessment of companies’ maturity on diversity and inclusion dimensions.
Mixity drew on five indicators to assess the scope of Ostrum AM’s diversity and inclusion policy i.e. gender, disability, sexual orientation, multicultural dimensions and multigenerational aspects.


Ostrum AM is proud to have achieved an overall score of 86% vs. an average of 75% for all companies monitored. This score breaks down as follows:

  • Gender: 91%
  • Disability: 88%
  • LGBT+: 64%
  •  Multicultural: 65%
  • Multigenerational: 73%

These results reflect Ostrum AM’s efforts to combat discrimination and promote inclusion, for example:

  • The Ostrum ExCom comprises more than 30% women;
  • Training courses have been set up with all our staff to raise awareness on gender and sexual orientation-related bias;
  • The number of paid parental leave days for the co-parent is increased.

In 2022, Ostrum AM aims to take its policy further with:

  • A continued pro-active approach to including staff with disabilities;
  • Implementation of initiatives to attract and recruit staff from priority city neighborhoods;
  • Ongoing efforts to raise awareness of stereotypes, particularly for managers.