Ostrum reiterates its commitment to a just transition

Following on from our commitment to the just transition, Ostrum AM has just signed the "Statement of Investor Expectations for Job Standards & Community Impacts in the Just Transition" initiative.

At the COP 26 event in November, Ostrum AM joined the first global engagement coalition to support the just transition, the Investors for a Just Transition initiative launched by Finance for Tomorrow in June 2021.
We now bolster our commitment and sign the Statement of Investor Expectations for Job Standards & Community Impacts in the Just Transition.
This initiative was launched by the ICCR (Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility), and urges companies to review their job criteria (equity, quality, impact) to ensure a just transition.
A just transition to a net-zero economy can address the interconnected issues of climate change, racial injustice, public health, and economic inequity. The transition must create an inclusive, stakeholder-driven economy, where those most impacted by the transition — workers and local communities — are central in its design.
Signatories to this initiative urge companies and partner investors to adopt and advocate for the following main principles:

  1. Provide a foundation for decent work, job benefits, and working conditions.
  2. Offer equitable opportunities for quality jobs.
  3. Invest in communities most acutely impacted by climate change.
  4. Facilitate transparency and accountability.
  5. Support just transition policies at all levels.