Ostrum and its staff support the AP-HP Foundation for Research in its fight against Covid-19

We are all affected by the current Covid-19 epidemic.In this unprecedented context, it is vital to stand together and help one another.

Ostrum AM is an asset manager that works alongside major institutional clients, and as such it takes a resolutely long-term approach.
The company has therefore decided to support the AP-HP Foundation (Public Assistance – Paris Hospitals) in its research into combating the virus for a period of three years.
This initiative will help support one or several research projects selected by the Foundation across all areas:
patient treatment trials, prevention for caregivers, research into patient homecare, etc.

We have also decided to set up a collection so that all staff can each individually contribute if he wants to this initiative.

All donations collected will be used to support the AP-HP Foundation’s research in a very practical way.