Ostrum AM and Planète Urgence: building the future together

After six years of partnership with la Mie de Pain, Ostrum Asset Management has decided to support a new cause, signing a partnership agreement with Planète Urgence on October 24, after staff selected this new initiative.



Planète Urgence is an international solidarity association set up in 2000, directed and administered by former directors of Médecins du Monde, Handicap International, Greenpeace and a number of business leaders. Planète Urgence was awarded public utility status in 2009 and has been a member of the SOS group since 2017, supporting projects being implemented in vulnerable contexts, where local people are socially and economically isolated and natural environments are being destroyed, mainly in Africa, as well as Asia and South America.

The association’s actions are based on a three-pronged approach:

  • Provision of specific skills within the context of a Short-Term Volunteer Assignment (STVA). These assignments involve three themes: adult skills building, socio-educational support for children, and protection and promotion of biodiversity. In 2017, 409 volunteers – including 265 supported by their employer – undertook assignments in 18 countries across four continents.
  • Continued partnership offering longer term support to local partners,
  • Provision of funding for specific projects (reforestation, restoration of vulnerable ecosystems, renovation of dwellings, etc.). Reforestation campaigns and programs to restore the ecosystem are under way, mainly in Indonesia and Madagascar, and so far seven million trees have been planted worldwide as a result of efforts from Planète Urgence and its partners.

Ostrum remains true to the philanthropy philosophy that it has developed over several years, taking a strong stance on a number of issues, while offering staff the chance to make their contribution and get involved in actions and events organized by the association, especially international short-term volunteer assignments.