Morningstar awards 5 stars to Ostrum AM’s aggregate expertise

Ostrum AM’s aggregate range has just been awarded 5 stars from Morningstar1 in recognition of its excellence, five years after its launch.

In today’s low interest rate environment and in view of investors’ quest for yield, we are witnessing growing interest in aggregate strategies. This type of approach can provide an alternative to sovereign bonds and credit funds as a result of its attractive risk/return profile and the broader diversification and various sources of alpha it offers.

Ostrum Asset Management’s aggregate investment approach is based on four key aspects:

  • Generate consistent and repeatable alpha: our conviction-driven strategies are based on overall duration, active allocation and stock-picking;
  • Combine top-down and bottom-up approaches to improve alpha generation, as market prices do not always reflect intrinsic value;
  • Include contributions from more than 50 bond investment professionals across all bond asset sub-classes;
  • Use diversification to improve alpha production and the risk/return profile, including features such as non-benchmarked and inflation-linked positions, high yield and convertibles.

This success for Ostrum Asset Management’s aggregate fund range reflects the aggregate team’s hard work, consisting of four senior fund managers led by Michael Soued, each with on average 20 years’ experience.

1 Morningstar is one of the most influential and extensive investment resources worldwide. Since 1985, it has been ranking mutual funds on a scale of one to five stars since based on their performances – with adjustments for risks and costs – as compared to showings from funds in the same category.

Reference to a ranking or rating does not indicate the future performance of the fund manager.

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