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The planned phasing out of ECB’s quantitative easing programme at the end of the year and the expected normalisation of monetary policy will probably drive euro short-term interest rates higher. But we expect the ECB to keep a “dovish” stance and to raise its deposit rate, currently set at -0.40%, no sooner than in the summer of 2019. And at that point, we expect the ECB to still keep the rate in negative territory.

Why not check out our ultra short-term credit expertise?


So the negative rate environment should continue to prevail on euro money markets in the coming months.

So why not check out our ultra short-term credit expertise? It is currently ranked 1st decile year-to-date and for 1,3 and 5 years in the Morningstar Ultra Short-Term category, and has been also awarded with a 5-star rating. As per its investment guidelines, our ultra short-term credit expertise maintains a very low WAL* (<1 year) and WAM** (<0.5) and no single investment can have a maturity of more than 2 years. So it can be an ideal option for investors focusing on very short-term credit.

More informations: Ostrum Ultra Short Term Bonds Plus
Main risks: Capital loss, Credit, Interest rates, Below investment grade securities.

*WAL (Weighted Average Life, a measure of the portfolio’s average maturity)
**WAM (Weighted Average Maturity, a measure of the portfolio’s average interest rate sensitivity)

Source: Ostrum AM.
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Performance objective of the representative account (net of fees): Outperform daily-capitalized EONIA + 0.90%, over a recommended investment horizon of 2 years.