Analyse financière review showcases Ostrum AM’s blockchain technology

The summer edition of the Analyse financière1 review, a quarterly publication from the French financial analysts’ association (Société française des analystes financiers, SFAF) looks into the way asset managers are developing blockchain technology, and features an interview with Olivier Taille, Ostrum AM’s Blockchain officer.


The interview provides an opportunity for Olivier to outline Ostrum’s blockchain strategy, as he highlights the success of the orders placed on the FundsDLT platform during the summer 2017 with the aim of extending its use to all orders. He also explains how the use of blockchain technology helps the industry better identify its end clients and offer them products that are best suited to their needs – one of the main planks of Ostrum AM’s strategic plan.

Blockchain technology helps users move from a primarily product-focused strategy to a more service-based approach, simplifying the distribution chain, reducing execution times and cutting back costs, while also complying with regulatory requirements.

Blockchain technology could even help strengthen the relationship between fund issuers and distributors in the future via the distribution of exclusive services co-developed with issuers.

1 Edition n°68 – July-August-September 2018. For more information, visit

Read the interview with Olivier Taille (in French only)



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Read the interview with Olivier Taille (in French only)