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After financial markets recorded very severe corrections in the throes of the Covid-19 crisis, insurance companies and health insurers were interested in revisiting risky assets, as some focused on equities, while others preferred to invest in credit. Investment managers that specialize in insurance-related asset management – such as Ostrum AM – have therefore been very active to ensure that their clients could benefit from market opportunities.

“Governance must allow for the right decisions to be made quickly during crisis periods, and we have been looking into so-called Covid issues, which are designed to finance research and healthcare” notes Ibrahima Kobar, Deputy CEO and Global CIO at Ostrum AM.


Option Finances N° 1568, issued on Monday July 20, 2020, hears from Ibrahima Kobar on insurance-related asset management, in a double interview also featuring Pierre Richert, CFO at French insurer Agrica, which specializes in the agriculture sector.


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Ibrahima Kobar offers some insight from an insurance-related asset management perspective

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