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The latest OECD report entitled "The future of work" looks at the major changes that will affect the labor market over the next few years.


The analysis concludes that it is unlikely that digitalisation and globalisation will result in a significant drop in overall employment. Some jobs will be affected but others will be transformed and new job opportunities will be created. More specifically, the OECD estimates that on average, in the OECD, 14% of jobs are at risk of automatisation over the next 15 to
20 years. This figure ranges from 6% in Norway to 34% for Slovakia. Added to this is the fact that 32% of jobs could be heavily transformed by the automatisation of certain tasks. In response to these risks, the OECD calls governments to adopt policies to facilitate labor mobility with a focus on lifelong learning policies aimed specifically at the least qualified who will be the most affected.

Share of jobs at high risk of aumatisation in OECD countries