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Two new Luxembourg-based SICAV's: Natixis AM Funds and Mirova Funds


NGAM aims to deliver the manufacturing expertise of Natixis Asset Management and Mirova on an international basis, delivering a wide range of investment products and solutions to clients. International investors will now have easy access to the expertise of European leading managers.

• Natixis AM Funds, most of which have a three-year track record, provide investors with access to fixed income (credit, inflation and aggregate), bonds and emerging market equities, a value approach to European large caps and global allocation. It also incorporates a flexible, quantitative and volatility management approach developed by Seeyond. Managed by Natixis Asset Management, Natixis AM Funds are composed of 18 subfunds with a total AUM of EUR 2.3 billion as of the end of March 2013.

• Mirova Funds offers the share management (thematic and cross-thematic) and fixed income expertise of Mirova, the responsible investment subsidiary of Natixis Asset Management. This SICAV is one of the very few in Europe entirely dedicated to socially responsible investment. Mirova Funds are composed of 7 subfunds with a total AUM of EUR 1.3 billion as of the end of March 2013.
Hervé Guinamant, CEO of Natixis Global Asset Management for International Distribution added, “These two fund ranges, one a broad range of industry-leading expertise and the other a leader in the rapidly expanding field of socially responsible investing, are examples of the depth and breadth of innovative strategies Natixis Global Asset Management is bringing to investors around the world.”

Pascal Voisin, CEO of Natixis Asset Management commented, “The launch of the Natixis AM SICAV Funds and Mirova Funds reinforces the international ambitions of Natixis Asset Management to provide investors with access to the expertise and growth potential of a wide range of leading investment strategies.”

As of today, the subfunds of the Natixis AM Funds are registered in Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Switzerland. Concerning Mirova Funds subfunds, they are registered in the same countries, except Switzerland (registration planned by the end of the year).

On 3 April 2018, Natixis Asset Management became Ostrum Asset Management.