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Blockchain testing : a first transaction sucessfully completed


On 16 June, Natixis Asset Management announced the start of – in collaboration with Fundsquare, InTech and KPMG Luxembourg – a series of tests on the FundsDLT platform, which enables asset managers to use blockchain technology.

As a reminder, FundsDLT uses blockchain technology to automate and secure several processes intended to streamline fund administration, order routing, and shareholder record keeping tasks. FundsDLT is thus set to allow management companies to significantly reduce operating costs currently paid by the fund for centralisation, transfer agent and issuing bookkeeping functions, which in the end will benefit investors.

Today we can announce that these initial tests were successful, and that, for the first time in the asset management sector, investors were able to buy shares in funds (in this case Natixis AM), via a platform based on blockchain technology’.

Less than a year was necessary to design an adaptive and resilient solution dedicated to the asset management sector. I am very proud that Natixis AM was able to contribute to this innovation and I am convinced of the potential of this technology in reinforcing distribution mechanisms in the asset management sector”, commented Matthieu Duncan, CEO of Natixis Asset Management.

In fact, FundsDLT could in the future:

- potentially apply to all UCIs, whether domiciled in France, Luxembourg or elsewhere,
- support the back-office operations of all possible UCI distribution circuits (BtoB, BtoBtoC, DtoC models, etc.),
- be rolled out relatively easily via modern APIs that will make deployment within the management ecosystem (distributors, fund administrators and custodians) easier.

A success that positions Natixis Asset Management as an innovative player in the sector!

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On 3 April 2018, Natixis Asset Management became Ostrum Asset Management.