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Well aware of the new financial environment, French savers are prepared to boost their investments while accepting a reasonable degree of risk

Natixis Global Asset Management today published the results of its 2nd annual survey of French individual investors with financial assets of between €75,000 and €300,000 held in banks1. This survey of 1,000 clients of French banks was conducted in May 2015.


Emerise, emerging markets investors: Natixis Asset Management’s new Singapore-based division dedicated to emerging markets

Emerise manages a range of emerging markets equity funds to offer investment solutions combining long-term growth and portfolio diversification.


Mirova launches Mirova Green Bond – Global, one of the first funds invested in green bonds

Mirova is launching the mutual fund Mirova Green Bond - Global, one of the first funds
in the world for green bonds. Through this fund, Mirova is reasserting its pioneering
position on the Green Bond market and offering a funding solution for projects with a
high environmental impact, while profiting from the performance potential of
international bonds.


On its 30th anniversary, the AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire fund boasts a performance of 9.6% per annum since inception

Created in 1985, AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire, a Fonds Commun de Placement (French mutual fund) managed by Natixis Asset Management, is celebrating its 30th anniversary and has turned in an annualised performance of 9.6%1 with lower volatility than the major equity indices2. Invested in the food and consumer sectors,
AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire benefits from a conviction-driven active management in a defensive universe made up of predominantly European, as well as international, companies to take advantage of the various global dynamics.


Mirova and Carbone 4 to jointly develop an innovative method for measuring companies’ contribution to the energy transition

Mirova, Natixis Asset Management’s subsidiary for responsible investment, will draw on the expertise of Carbone 4 to jointly develop a methodology and decision-making tool that can measure companies’ contribution to the reduction in global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


On 3 April 2018, Natixis Asset Management became Ostrum Asset Management.