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In brief

Emerging equities – get pure stock performance, not “noise”


What’s the best strategy for investing in emerging markets? Most investors need little convincing of the growth potential of emerging markets, despite some potential future headwinds. But translating that growth into consistent investment returns is not straightforward and requires an approach that is focused on companies of genuine opportunity, rather than a broadbrush approach.


Ostrum Asset Management goes tobacco-free!


Ostrum Asset Management, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, further strengthens its commitment to promoting responsible asset management and pledges to halt support for the tobacco sector, considered a worst offender sector.


Ostrum takes part in AGEFI roundtable on convertible bonds


French financial weekly L’AGEFI Hebdo recently welcomed Philippe Garnier, convertible bond portfolio manager and co-fund manager for Ostrum Asset Management’s Ostrum Convertibles Euro Fund, for one of its traditional roundtable discussions…


On 3 April 2018, Natixis Asset Management became Ostrum Asset Management.