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Infrastructure private debt: A wealth of opportunities for investors


A wealth of opportunities for investors

Infrastructure private debt consists of unlisted debt secured by infrastructure assets across sectors such as transport, power and public buildings. The investment universe is extensive, with total transactions of more than $250bn in 2018, while the market is estimated to be worth a potential $60trn out to 2035.

(Source: McKinsey Global Institute, Bridging Infrastructure gaps, Has the world made progress? October 2017)

The asset class also offers attractive potential yield for long-term investors and helps promote the green economy. 

In our latest Insight publication, our infrastructure private debt expert, Céline Tercier, looks back on the infrastructure debt market in 2018 and the key trends that stood out over the year. She also looks ahead to the outlook for 2019, and provides a focus on our Essential Infra Debt strategy, which was recently awarded the Energy and Ecological Transition for the Climate label (TEEC).

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