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Dorval AM and H2O AM rewarded at the Citywire France Awards 2016


Natixis Asset Management was singled out at the Citywire France Awards 2016 ceremony, as fund managers from two of its subsidiaries won awards. Bruno Crastes from H2O Asset Management was ranked in the World Bonds category, while Louis Bert and Stéphane Furet from Dorval Asset Management won awards in the French Equities category.

The Citywire France Awards 2016 recognize managers whose funds are registered in France and have consistently posted the best risk-adjusted performances over the last three years (until 31 July 2016). Managers are evaluated on both their individual track record and the record of the funds they managed in an investment sector during that time.

Dorval Asset Management: flexibility with conviction

Louis Bert and Stéphane Furet were awarded first prize in the French Equities category for Dorval Asset Management. Dorval Asset Management is a Natixis Asset Management company, set up in 1993. The investment management firm is renowned in the flexible strategies and European equities segments, where it targets long-term performances. The company’s fund management team analyzes fundamental trends and adapts its investment processes to calmly steer through stockmarket cycles while safeguarding invested capital. For more than
10 years, CEO Stéphane Furet and Deputy CEO and Chief Investment Officer Louis Bert have applied their stockpicking expertise in French equities in order to select the best manager-company pairings that are capable of making a difference in the long-term. They have done so by favoring "the search for a nice asset, at a good price and above all well-managed...".

H2O Asset Management: performance, liquidity, transparency

Bruno Crastes carried off the top prize in the World Bonds category for H2O Asset Management. H2O Asset Management, a subsidiary of Natixis Asset Management set up in July 2010, sits on the border between a traditional fund management approach and alternative investment management strategies. H2O Asset Management boasts a 37-strong team of senior asset management professionals and has the size, focus and flexibility of a boutique investment management company. H2O Asset Management CEO Bruno Crastes is a well-known personality in the asset management world and has more than 20 years’ experience as a high-quality fund manager specializing in bond fund management.

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Reference to a ranking and/or an award does not indicate the future performance of the fund or the fund manager.

Natixis Asset Management – Asset management company regulated by AMF under n° GP 90-009 – Limited Liability Company, Share Capital €50 434 604.76 - RCS Number 329 450 738 Paris - Registered Office: 21 quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris
Dorval Asset Management, a public limited company with share capital of €296,747.50, having its registered office at 1 rue de Gramont, 75002 PARIS. Dorval Asset Management, recorded under no. 391 392 768 on the Paris Trade and Companies Register, is approved as an asset management company by A.M.F. (French financial markets authority) under the number GP 93-08. Dorval Asset Management is a 50.1 %-owned subsidiary of Natixis Asset Management.
H2O Asset Management LLP – 10 Old Burlington Street, Westminster – London W1S 3 AG – UK – registered in England and Wales with registration number OC 356207 – Authorized as an asset management company by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA"), and is entered on the FCA Register with the Registration Number 529105. H2O Asset Management is a 50.01%-owed subsidiary of Natixis Asset Management.

On 3 April 2018, Natixis Asset Management became Ostrum Asset Management.