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Brexit – decisions, decisions…


Read a new issue of our ideas series with the analysis of our Economist, Aline Goupil-Raguenes.

Almost three years after the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union in a referendum (Brexit) and just days away from the initially slated March 29 deadline, uncertainty still prevails. The British Parliament has twice rejected the withdrawal agreement resulting from lengthy negotiations between Brussels and London, fueling fears that the UK may crash out of the EU in a no-deal Brexit scenario. The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has had to ask the European Council for a short extension to give the country some more time to try to break the deadlock, with the deadline now pushed back to April 12. The time has come for the country to make a decision, but time is running out if the government wants to avoid a no-deal Brexit, which would have severe consequences for the British economy. In this report, we will outline recent events and look back to the various stages that have brought the country to the current political crisis point.

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