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Our climate change pledges

2015 was a key turning point in the fight against climate change with the ambitious Paris Agreement aimed at restricting the rise in global temperatures to 2°C out to 2100 and pressing on with efforts to bring this figure down to 1.5°C. These pledges were adopted by 195 countries and have major consequences for all sectors, which must adapt or even entirely overhaul their business model, depending on their environmental footprint.

Investors also have a crucial role to play in this transition to a more sustainable economic and financial system by taking on board climate challenges in their investment choices, as recommended by Article 173 of the French act on energy transition for green growth. With this in mind, Ostrum Asset Management implemented a number of measures aimed at meeting the challenges raised by climate change and including them in its investment processes.

Four major initiatives were rolled out, ranging from measuring the carbon footprint of its portfolios to encouraging investors to invest in sectors that provide a concrete response to climate change challenges.

Matthieu Duncan, Chief Executive Officer of Ostrum Asset Management gave an overview of the range of climate initiatives at the heart of Ostrum Asset Management’s strategy in "L'ENA hors les murs”.

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On 3 April 2018, Natixis Asset Management became Ostrum Asset Management.