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Natixis AM launches Natixis Food & Consumer Equities


Natixis Asset Management has launched Natixis Food & Consumer Equities1, a conviction-led thematic fund with an active investment management approach, aimed at taking advantage of performance upside in the food and consumer sectors. With this fund, Natixis Asset Management provides professional and non-professional international clients with a tried and tested equity strategy that has been available in France for more than 30 years.

The FCP (or common fund) AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire is the master fund2 and consists of on average around 60 stocks from a universe of around 700 stocks from these sectors and listed primarily in Europe, but also internationally. With its positioning and extensive geographical and sector diversification, this fund has historically been less sensitive to market cycles than a traditional equity fund.
The food and consumer sector can potentially offer some attractive opportunities, for example:
- Historically, companies are less sensitive to economic cycles - they can potentially generate steady results and are often referred to as “safe-haven stocks”;
- These stocks can be boosted by product innovation and investment;
- Companies can benefit from dynamic consumer spending in emerging markets resulting from the growth of the middle classes and improvement in purchasing power.

The fund is distributed by the Natixis Global Asset Management distribution platform and aims to outperform the MSCI Europe index3 over a recommended minimum investment period of five years.
The fund management team, led by AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire fund manager François Lafitte, carries out extensive analysis in order to select the best investment opportunities on the basis of macroeconomic, financial and managerial criteria.
Commenting on the launch, Matthieu Duncan, CEO of Natixis Asset Management said " The launch of Natixis AM Funds Lux-domiciled SICAV is a clear reflection of our international expansion strategy. The thematic equity expertise, with its strong track record should resonate well with international investors". 

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1 Natixis Food & Consumer Equities is a sub-fund of the Natixis AM Funds Luxembourg-domiciled SICAV. Natixis AM Funds is a Luxembourg “Société d'Investissement à Capital Variable” or SICAV with several different sub-funds. It aims to provide investors with diversified investment management expertise via a range of different sub-funds, each with its own investment aim and policy.
2 Natixis Food & Consumer Equities is the feeder fund of the French-law FCP fund AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire. AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire is a “Fonds Commun de Placement”, regulated by the AMF and managed by Natixis Asset Management. The characteristics, yield and risk profile, as well as the fees involved in these investments are outlined in the funds’ Key Investor Information Documents, available from the investment manager. Capital invested and performances are not guaranteed. The recommended minimum investment period is five years. AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire offers access to potential upside on the financial markets, in exchange for a certain degree of risk (particularly the risk of capital loss). Before any investment, investors should receive and consult the Key Investor Information Document, available from your financial advisor or on written request from the investment management company.
3 MSCI Europe (closing prices, net dividends reinvested, in euros). Equity index expressed in euros consisting of around 450 European stocks . It reflects trends for the main European stocks and is available at
Natixis Asset Management – Asset management company regulated by AMF under n° GP 90-009 – Limited Liability Company with share capital of €50,434,604.76 – RCS Number Paris 329 450 738 – Registered Office: 21 quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris.

On 3 April 2018, Natixis Asset Management became Ostrum Asset Management.