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Engagement initiatives

Active market involvement both locally and internationally


Ostrum Asset Management’s leading role in the asset management industry gives it a clear responsibility to work hand-in-hand with other market players to draft exacting responsible investment standards. Ostrum Asset Management is particularly keen to ensure a consistent approach across the industry and achieve the highest possible professional standards for the sector as a whole. The company makes a key contribution to initiatives shaping responsible investment via its subsidiary Mirova by taking an active role in the main market bodies, playing a strong part in working groups and making a clear contribution to concrete initiatives.

Ostrum Asset Management, via its subsidiary Mirova, plays a central role in various professional organizations and chairs a number of committees and working groups.


Lobbying efforts and academic research support combine to promote responsible investment


Ostrum Asset Management takes its commitment beyond its involvement in market bodies, by making an active contribution via its subsidiary Mirova to the promotion and professionalization of responsible investment on the back of two complementary initiatives:

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On 3 April 2018, Natixis Asset Management became Ostrum Asset Management.