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Natixis Asset Management pledges commitment to carbon neutral strategy


Natixis Asset Management aims to be one of the main players in a more sustainable capitalist economy and this responsibility applies not only to its operations as an asset manager, but also to the way the company runs on a daily basis. As part of its CSR1 policy, Natixis Asset Management is committed to taking concrete action to significantly reduce its environmental impact and the  company is now embarking on a new stage in this strategy as it pledges to offset all carbon emissions related to its business.

Offsetting direct and indirect emissions

Natixis Asset Management is concerned about its impact on the environment, and has been analyzing its carbon footprint since 2009, assessing its CO2 emissions and identifying clear steps to limit them. Between 2009 and 2014, these efforts led to a decrease in the company’s carbon footprint of around 15% per employee, to reach annual average emissions of approximately 4,400 tons of carbon equivalent. To continue in this endeavor and reach carbon neutral status, Natixis Asset Management decided to offset all direct emissions (energy, business travel, IT equipment, inputs, etc.) from 2015. This carbon compensation will take the shape of a development aid program in Tanzania, selected in cooperation with EcoAct, a key player in corporate decarbonization.

Concrete support for 75,000 Tanzanian homes

Natixis Asset Management decided to adopt a participative approach in selecting the project that it would finance to offset its carbon footprint, so staff were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite venture. The initiative they selected involves a program to reduce deforestation and improve home air quality in Tanzania: this  development aid program will include distribution of improved ovens and water filters by local companies. Natixis Asset Management’s participation in this project should help improve air quality for 75,000 families, promoting the creation of jobs locally and avoiding annual emissions of between 92,500 and 125,000 tons of carbon equivalent, which is the same as  more than 36,000 Paris-NYC return trips by plane (second class).
This voluntary initiative reflects Natixis Asset Management’s continuing commitment to responsible and sustainable practices.

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1 Corporate and social responsibility

On 3 April 2018, Natixis Asset Management became Ostrum Asset Management.