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Natixis AM’s fourth CSR report focuses on carbon compensation


Natixis Asset Management has just published this year’s CSR report1. 2016 will be remembered as the year when the full extent of Natixis Asset Management’s corporate social responsibility commitment was recognized, with a range of awards applauding the quality and transparency of our approach. The company won the Bronze award in the “Best CSR Innovation and Overall CSR Approach” category at the fourth French CSR Awards or Nuit de la RSE, and it achieved joint second position in the fifth edition of the 2017 Responsible Investor Awards for the quality of its CSR report last year.

Natixis Asset Management’s approach is based on two key aspects: CSR as the lynchpin of our business and CSR at the heart of our everyday operations.

The company has therefore stepped up its commitment as it has focused further on the business aspect of its initiatives by bolstering its responsible investment strategy and the CSR approach now covers the full range of methods at fund managers’ disposal as they strive to promote a responsible economic and financial system. This responsible asset management approach is based on four key commitments and specific initiatives designed to support action against climate change and applied on a daily basis by investment management professionals depending on the specific features of their asset classes:

  • understanding the challenges of sustainable development, analyzing their effects across the various sectors and assessing a wide range of issuers;
  • enhancing our use of non-financial considerations, by factoring in ESG criteria2 and applying ESG exclusion screening;
  • encouraging issuers to improve their ESG practices by expressing our views at shareholders’ meetings and by instigating constructive conversation with business partners;
  • drafting market standards with other industry participants and promoting responsible asset management.

Natixis Asset Management rounds out this company-wide approach with participatory initiatives, whereby all company staff can get involved to support any one of five key programs organized by staff in the “Engagés” groups:

  • Act for the environment and against global warming;
  • Act to foster diversity and work-life balance;
  • Act to promote the recruitment and ongoing employment of staff with disabilities;
  • Act to encourage philanthropy efforts and help the neediest members of society;
  • Act to promote quality of life at work and community.

A particular milestone in 2016 was full compensation of our direct carbon emissions. This is a natural extension of the initiative that kicked off in 2009 with the implementation of an annual carbon review to gain a greater insight into our environmental footprint and identify concrete steps to reduce it.

This fourth edition of our corporate social responsibility report attests to our unwavering commitment to the principle of sustainable development and outlines our key successes throughout 2016” states Matthieu Duncan, Chief Executive Officer of Natixis Asset Management.

CSR is ingrained at Natixis AM, and whether in business-related issues or corporate practices, it is always a central aspect and involves a great many of us in our day-to-day work, via staff’s personal involvement in the “Engagés” program and their participation in other more occasional initiatives” notes Valérie Derambure, Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of finance and operations at Natixis Asset Management.

Find out more in Natixis Asset Management’s latest CSR report.

Read the CSR report

1 CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility.
2 ESG criteria: Environmental, Social and Governance criteria

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On 3 April 2018, Natixis Asset Management became Ostrum Asset Management.