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Gestion de Fortune ranking: Two Natixis Asset Management subsidiaries receive awards


Management companies Dorval Asset Management and H20 Asset Management, both subsidiaries of Natixis Asset Management, were rewarded in the 23rd edition of Gestion de Fortune’s ranking.

Like every year, Gestion de Fortune magazine establishes a ranking of the best companies based on a survey of independent financial advisors. This study consolidates data collected in December (over 48,000 statistics) from more than 3,200 advisors all over France. It offers a quantitative vision, based on the entities most commonly cited by the advisors surveyed, as well as a qualitative perspective, the professionals surveyed being asked to comment on several criteria. Over and above the opinion of independent financial advisors, this survey also reflects client satisfaction.

H20 Asset Management named company of the year

H20 Asset Management was named company of the year by independent financial advisors at the ceremony held for the 23rd edition of the Gestion de Fortune ranking on 9 January 2016. An entrepreneurial management company created in London in 2010 by Bruno Crastes, Chief Executive Officer, and Vincent Chailley, Chief Investment Officer, H20 Asset Management specialises in international bond management and multi-strategy macro global management. With a team of 30 asset management professionals, H20 Asset Management offers its clients a management philosophy based on optimising diversification and sophisticated risk and liquidity management. H20 Asset Management had €7.8 billion in assets under management at 30 September 2015*.

Dorval Asset Management tops list of companies with assets under management of under €1 billion

Dorval Asset Management company ranked first in the category “portfolio management companies (AuM of under €1 billion)”. Specialised in equity management since its creation in 1993, Dorval Finance implements a conviction-driven investment approach focusing on wealth management, characterised by an active management strategy, not benchmark-driven. The company, run by Stéphane Furet, Chief Executive Officer, and Louis Bert, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of Investment, has notably developed a flexible management approach in response to market volatility and uncertainties: depending on their market expectations, the fund managers can adjust the equity allocation from 0 to 100%. At 31 December 2015, Dorval Asset Management’s assets under management amounted to €688 million**.

The fund ranges of Dorval Asset Management and H20 Asset Management are marketed through Natixis Global Asset Management’s international distribution platform as well as the banking networks of Caisse d’Epargne and Banque Populaire.

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* Source: H2O AM
** Source: Dorval AM
The methodology used is available on the website
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On 3 April 2018, Natixis Asset Management became Ostrum Asset Management.