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Results of the 2nd annual survey of French individual investors


Natixis Global Asset Management today published the results of its 2nd annual survey of French individual investors with financial assets of between €75,000 and €300,000 held in banks. This survey of 1,000 clients of French banks was conducted in May 2015.

French savers have become aware of the very low interest rate environment and its possible impact on their savings in terms of performance.
Almost 80% of individual investors noted the decrease in returns on regulated savings products and in interest rates, 64% noticed the lower return on euro-denominated life insurance products. Many expect the rate of interest on Livret A passbook savings accounts to continue dropping (40%), as well as the return on euro-denominated life insurance products (42%). On the other hand, 64% observed the rise in stock market prices in recent years.

Furthermore, savers are more realistic and pragmatic regarding the return that can currently be expected on an investment. When asked from what level they consider an investment to be profitable, the majority (52%) replied between 3% and 5%. For them, very realistically, topping 3% per year is a threshold.

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