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Natixis Asset Management – a fervent supporter of responsible initiatives


Natixis Asset Management is actively involved in encouraging issuers to improve their environmental, social and governance practices (ESG) as part of its ambitious and extensive CSR policy. This active approach is reflected in the company’s support for a number of issues and in particular investor initiatives on specific areas that target issuers exposed to significant risks and challenges.

Natixis Asset Management is now lending its support to three new programs:

Collaborative Engagement On Corporate Tax Responsibility
Companies’ abusive tax strategies are a source of hefty losses for countries and their inhabitants, and can also have negative effects for the companies themselves in both financial and reputational terms. This initiative aims to promote corporate transparency in areas such as tax policy, governance and financial reporting, and encourage companies to develop responsible tax strategies.

Deforestation in Cattle Supply Chains Investor Statement and Working Group
Natixis Asset Management has joined forced with other investors to fight against deforestation in the agricultural sector and particularly in livestock farming. Agriculture is a major cause of deforestation worldwide and this initiative seeks to encourage greater transparency from companies in their management of environmental impacts and calls on them to commit to the fight against deforestation and the violation of human rights across their supply chains.

Global Investor Statement on Antibiotic Use
This third Natixis Asset Management initiative attests to investors’ broad support for policies encouraging the responsible use of antibiotics in livestock farming, which has become more industrialized leading to widespread use of antibiotics for non-medical use. This issue is recognized by the WHO as a major threat as it promotes the development of drug-resistant bacteria.

These initiatives further testify to Natixis Asset Management’s commitment to using its influence for the greater good, supporting issuers as they improve their responsible practices and thereby generating long-term value for investors.

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On 3 April 2018, Natixis Asset Management became Ostrum Asset Management.